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Development and Implementation of a Targeted Solicitation Plan

  • Build a case for support for the upcoming year that will guide and direct the development of a realistic and strategic solicitation plan

  • Discuss and develop a plan that incorporates (1) individual major gifts, (2) Foundations, (3) corporate partnerships, (4) direct mail pieces, and (5) special events

  • Identify partnership and sponsorship opportunities

  • Working with the Board, identify and develop a portfolio of donors

  • Develop a menu of the organization’s opportunities for support

  • Provide ongoing coaching and mentoring in all philanthropic areas, including donor cultivation and solicitation

  • Review current stewardship policies and make recommendations for how to best reach and steward current donors and grow the donor base

Development of a Robust Grants Plan

  • Identify Foundation and corporate prospects by researching prospective funders and collecting information on each prospect, including contact information, the reason for their interest, the process for submitting grants, deadlines, and guidelines

  • Working with the TCG team and Grants Writer, develop a strong Foundation solicitation plan (for public and private Foundations) for the next 12 months and the long term that will include a calendar for soliciting these prospects and a recommended strategy for approaching each prospect

Research, Draft, Write, and Submit Grants

  • Collect the necessary information and write innovative drafts of proposals, including grant narratives, budgets, and specialized attachments

  • Provide drafts to the organization’s leadership for review and commentary and revise drafts as needed

  • Produce and present a final copy of all drafts to leadership and submit grants, if requested

  • Research, write, and submit at least two grants per month, not to exceed four per month

  • Compile a list of Foundation Trustees based on upcoming grant submissions to use for Board screenings

Feasibility Study

  • In collaboration with the leadership team of the organization, identify a list of potential interviewees composed of select Board members, Foundation representatives, past and current supporters, corporate supporters, and influential community members

  • Develop a comprehensive questionnaire to assess interest in funding a Campaign, project or initiative

  • Schedule meetings and conduct interviews with key stakeholders to assess the organization’s brand and presence, and test the dollar amount

  • Produce and provide a comprehensive report on the findings to the leadership team.

  • Facilitate a discussion with the leadership team and the Board based on feedback to assist in identifying fundraising opportunities, special events, donor outreach and growth, goals, and measurable outcomes for the Campaign

  • Develop strategic recommendations based on the findings to increase the organization’s overall reputation and brand in the community

Campaign Management

Including, but not limited to: 

  • Campaign pre-planning and preparation

  • Identification, recruitment, and engagement of a Campaign Cabinet

  • Development of a strategic fundraising plan

  • Promotion of brand and presence in the community

  • Overall Campaign counsel and execution

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